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August 14, 2012

Powerful GIS Data Production and Analysis Moving Forward

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Many organizations need a powerful GIS management package that enables them to realize the maximum value of their geospatial resources, integrating them to present clear, actionable information. This package should be able to provide simultaneous access to geospatial data in almost any form, uniting them in a single map view for efficient processing, capture and maintenance, analysis, presentation, and sharing.

During this webinar, we’ll highlight how Intergraph has made such a package a reality.  We'll focus on modern functionality for an improved user experience, enhanced performance and scalability for enterprise databases, and time-saving tools such as dynamic and static text placement and automated labeling. In addition, since the world itself is 3-dimensional, we’ll demonstrate how visualizing, navigating, analyzing, and interacting with geospatial data in 3D enables you to exploit the precision and power of your geospatial data for quicker, more confident decision-making and visual communication in support of location-centric tasks.  The webinar will conclude with an explanation of how organizations can now determine the best solution for their needs with cost-saving choices and added functionality.

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