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    Hexagon Smart M.App is a cloud application
    that delivers a dynamic information experience.



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M.App Chest
Green Space Analyser
Dynamic Monitor for SmartCity Road Knowledge
Dutch Kadaster Real Estate Dashboard
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Hexagon Smart M.Apps

The Hexagon Smart M.App has revolutionized the way we envision, experience and communicate geographic information. These targeted, information services combine fresh geospatial content and workflows to deliver an interactive experience that includes the map and an engaging dashboard of insightful analytics.


For business leaders in a variety of industries, this is a completely new way to solve real world issues in a smart, fresh way.


If you are not mapping change, you are mapping what was.®








A dynamic information experience of What Is What Was What Can Be What Will Be

Hexagon Smart M.App is a culmination of:  


Each Hexagon Smart M.App is fueled by content



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