Through the use of geospatial technologies for conservation, we can better manage how we use our natural resources and work towards sustainability. Our goal is to ensure that these resources are here for future generations, as well as promote smart use to prevent waste and loss.

What We Do

Track Environmental Changes

Conservationists, ecologists, and biologists can use remote sensing imagery for mapping and observing natural habitats over time.

Conserve Energy and Carbon

Using thermal imagery, identify problem areas in buildings where heat loss occurs to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

GIS for Conservation

Use GIS software to digitize forest maps to provide forestry departments with accurate data for decision making.

Our Technology In Action

Everybody Counts: My Safari

Harness the power of crowd-sourcing data to track species populations with this app that includes a secure database and private, powerful, real-time data analysis tool.

Conservationists Collaborate to Save Giant Pandas

Conservationists use ERDAS IMAGINE to monitor changing habitats and improve the giant panda’s chances for long-term survival.

Geospatial Technologies for Conservation

Learn about Smart M.Apps that support energy conservation, animal conservation, as well as forestry and agriculture.

Fire Damage Assessment

Locate areas where fire damage has occurred using the Burn Ratio Index Smart M.App.

Modernizing Mapping Operations in Kenya

Survey of Kenya uses Hexagon Geospatial technology to digitize their mapping operations including the mapping of resources for conservation.

Green Space Analyzer

The Green Space Analyzer enables the Milton Keynes Council in the UK to quickly determine surface change for urban planning.

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