An In Depth Look at M.App Enterprise

Snapshot Webcast Series

M.App Enterprise is an on-premise platform for creating geospatial apps to solve your organization’s location-based problems. M.App Enterprise stores your imagery, vector and point clouds, workflows, analytics, and queries, and makes them all accessible from one place from an easy-to-use user interface. With the M.App Enterprise platform, you can build and deploy your own geospatial applications, called Hexagon Smart M.Apps, to solve your organization's business problems.

In this webcast we take a deeper look at how easy it is to use the platform by building a sample application together. Watch this webcast to see how to connect to your spatial data sources, configure a business workflow, configure style and security roles, and create a thin-client, as well as a web-based Smart M.App, all within 30 minutes!

M.App EnterpriseĀ®

M.App Enterprise allows you to create and privately host your own Hexagon Smart M.Apps on your enterprise network.