UAV Image Import and Processing in ERDAS IMAGINE Photogrammetry

Process your UAV imagery in IMAGINE Photogrammetry for control collection and accurate downstream processing like Orthorectification and SGM Point Clouds. In most cases, the embedded GPS (EXIF) data that comes with UAV imagery is sufficient for a quick turnaround solution. The solution of the project image area may be tight, but without ground control these projects are subjected to an overall shift in the ground project location. The solution is a function of the accuracy that the Orientation values like GPS/IMU (XYZOPK) provide. For workflows where repeat pass or revisit is required, it is recommended that these projects be locked down using Control to the same ground space every time. 

IMAGINE Photogrammetry

IMAGINE Photogrammetry maximizes productivity with state-of-the-art photogrammetric satellite and aerial image processing algorithms.