Discover Hidden Links and Spatial Patterns


Graph data models are commonly used in healthcare, intelligence operations, e-retail and other industries but not that often in geospatial. A graph data model has many advantages over a relational model, such as a flexible and dynamic data model, better analytics, and easy data exchange. During this webcast we will present Mind M.App - a unique Smart M.App combining a graph data model with a professional geospatial platform. You’ll get a basic overview and hear about real-life use cases concluding with a demonstration. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about this truly unique software which could revolutionize existing workflows or provide a gateway to discovering a new market niche. 
Join us as we continue our IGNITE Winner Webcast Series on March 16th at 10 a.m. EDT for a 30-minute webcast on functionality and real life use case demonstrations of Mind M.App.

Mind M.App – IGNITE First Place Winner

Mind M.App enables you to create maps of connections to solve your problem. Visualize spatial patterns within your data to discover links.