Make Georeferencing Tax Maps Fast and Easy with AiGIS

Smart Cities recognize the value of integrating their GIS data with tax information. Aligning US Assessor maps to 'real-world' GIS data enhances the informational value provided to government, business, and citizenry. Many government organizations are deploying dedicated resources or outsourcing this work. However, the process is labor intensive and costly. The AiGIS Smart M.App greatly simplifies the process and makes it truly cost effective. Attend this webcast to learn how counties such as Orange County, CA can automate the georeferencing of their tax maps using the AiGIS Smart M.App. Making the tax data geographically accurate, readily available and cost effective.

Webcast Highlights:
Automatic georeferencing of US Assessor maps to GIS parcels.
Simplified process reduces data integration costs and time. 
Leverages the spatial relationships between the assessor and survey maps to provide more accurate and comprehensive information.

AiGIS: US Tax Maps – IGNITE Third Place Winner

Automatically georeference US Tax Assessor maps to GIS parcels.

IGNITE Winner Webcast Series

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