3D Visualization for High-Rise Property Valuation

 High-rise viewshed analysis Every commercial and residential high rise building has a unique age, size, location, and proximity. Some variables, such as condition and specific view, can change throughout the year.  How do you ensure that the property values are set in a consistent and equitable manner? Hexagon Geospatial now offers a dynamic 3D visualization solution that can make it easier to understand and uncover discrepancies between an assessed value and the sales price of each particular unit.  Using GeoMedia 3D, you can generate viewshed analytics and 3D thematic mapping to easily visualize, analyze and quantify key market drivers such as quality of view from your desk. Use the power of GeoMedia 3D to ensure that the diversity of a view and that its corresponding value is consistently applied in a defensible and equitable way.

Watch this webcast to learn how to use GeoMedia 3D’s dynamic 3D visualization solution to easily understand high-rise property valuation. 

GeoMedia 3D

GeoMedia 3D adds another dimension of analysis and viewing to the GeoMedia environment. The world's not flat. Why view it that way?