Incident Location Analysis

Incident Location Analysis, hot spot analysisMapping events and understanding their relationship to each other is core to GIS. Many times, the distribution of certain types of incidents across geography is not random. Therefore, the ability to locate and visualize areas of abnormal frequency, or “hotspots,” can be extremely valuable. Hotspot mapping is directly applicable to a number of problems faced by a wide range of agencies, including:
- Law Enforcement (crime events and response times)
- Utilities (outage events)
- Transportation (accident events and traffic flow)
Watch this webcast to learn how to use GeoMedia and GeoMedia 3D to transform a collection of incident locations into revealing 3D hotspot maps. 

GeoMedia 3D

GeoMedia 3D adds another dimension of analysis and viewing to the GeoMedia environment. The world's not flat. Why view it that way?