Spectral Change Detection Webcast

Webcast Date: 

August 6, 2015

Spectral Change Detection in ERDAS IMAGINEEverything changes: new infrastructure is built, vegetation is lost or encroaching on power lines. How do you keep track of those changes? How can you make sure that you keep your GIS up-to-date with the most current geospatial information available?

ERDAS IMAGINE offers multiple workflows for change detection designed to fit your specific needs and data. ERDAS IMAGINE can fit your needs, whether they be low-resolution, sensor-specific systems, workflows that incorporate both image classification and probability of change, or the ability to customize your approach with the spatial modeling environment.

Learn more about how you can use multiple dates of high-resolution imagery with ERDAS IMAGINE to delineate areas of change that can be overlaid with your GIS data and take the pain out of change detection.

Watch the Spectral Change Detection Webcast.


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