Understand When and Where Incidents Occur

Visualize where and when incidents most often occur to improve planning and response.

Increase Safety and Operational Efficiency

Understand evolving unsafe conditions and their impact on communities.

Emergency and Disaster Management

Deliver effective response under challenging conditions when response time is critical.

Incident Analyzer Webcast

Learn how to quickly analyze reported crimes and other incidents. Visualize where and when they most often occur. Identify patterns to prioritize and position your resources.

A Safer 2016 Olympic Games

Incident Analyzer presents a comprehensive view of location-based data to help authorities proactively manage emergency plans to improve effectiveness and public safety.

aNoise Estimator

Estimates noise level at provided locations to enable informed decision making.

Safe Neighborhoods

Find safe neighborhoods by understanding the relationship between crime statistics, demographics, political boundaries, and other factors.

Mind M.App

Criminal investigators and forensic scientists can create maps of associations between entities to discover interesting patterns to solve cases more quickly.

The Map of the Future is Now!

Hexagon Smart M.Apps: Dynamic, interactive map applications that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data.

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