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    ERDAS ER Mapper provides specific tools for oil & gas and mining
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12/8/2010 11:02:28 AM
For the 2010 census, the US Census Bureau used ERDAS’ server-based technologies for timely updating of their integrated national mapping and address system. In 2007, the Census Bureau began implementing ERDAS ADE to provide a real-time, interactive web editing solution based on the Oracle Spatial 10g/11g topology model. Later, the US Census Bureau enhanced the system, adding ERDAS APOLLO to manage and rapidly serve the organization’s massive amounts of imagery.
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2/23/2010 3:46:15 PM
Recently, ERDAS hosted its first ERDAS Rocks World Tour event in Australia. Partnering with GeoEye for this event, there were over 80 local users in attendance. Attendees came from various sectors with geospatial interests, including land agencies and local governments, as well as mining, oil and gas, photogrammetry, water resources, environment and health organizations.
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10/13/2008 11:56:29 AM
ERDAS announces ERDAS ER Mapper 7.2, the next release of the solution for visualizing, enhancing and combining images. ERDAS ER Mapper provides advanced image processing and compression capabilities widely used in a variety of industries including oil, gas and mineral exploration.
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Hurricane Katrina: Assisting the US Army Corps of Engineers
Hurricane Katrina was the costliest and one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Emergency response crews needed up to date imagery to assist rescue and relief efforts. These teams were able to use imagery in their operations on the ground by using compressed ECW image mosaics.

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US Border Patrol
The US Border Patrol needs to log incidents accurately and prepare responses quickly. Implementing ERDAS ER Mapper and ERDAS APOLLO Essentials, high resolution imagery provides real-world context to their decision making processes.

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