ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS

Extend the Capabilities of the ArcGIS Platform
  • Stereo ready, are you?

    The stereo tri-viewer shows the multiple viewing options available
  • View your terrain as points or contours

    Dynamic changes to the points is reflected in the contours
  • Collect a cone feature in 2 clicks

    No need to digitize around domes, when using pre-defined templates

Bring stereo into your ArcGIS experience

Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS lets you distinguish features in your imagery faster and more easily, and increases the accuracy of the features that you collect.

Edit terrain directly inside of your GIS

ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS allows you to edit your terrain files using the stereo viewing environment, while updating your Geodatabase Terrain datasets.

Collect your Rooftops with ease

Using the canned templates in the Feature Assist for ArcGIS tool, you can collect any complex rooftop in seconds.

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