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  • Build complex spatial models using LAS operators

    LiDAR data of Yosemite, RGB encoded with NAIP data.
  • Monitor ship movements using radar images

    Dynamic Radar change detection tools highlight temperal image differences
  • Find quarry changes using the Spatial Modeler

    Two dates of SGM results from ADS40 imagery were modeled
  • Feature extraction using image segmentation

    FLS image segmentation requires only a few intuitive parameters
  • Work with your geophysical data in ERDAS IMAGINE

    ERDAS IMAGINE integrates more tools for mining and oil & gas


November 06, 2013
Info Clouds: Learn to create and manage Info Clouds to Optimise your workload!
Get the most out of your imagery! Optimise Return on investment for your digital aerial photos by getting even more information out of them. Find the Z value of the pixel to create new data called Info Clouds.

October 03, 2013
Advanced Change Detection with ERDAS IMAGINE®
Automatically detecting changes between two satellite images is a powerful component of a geospatial analysis or planning activity. Whether the user is involved in a humanitarian assistance/disaster response analysis, participating in an activity-based intelligence exercise, agricultural change, or other geospatial scenarios, detection workflows can provide analysts with greater insights and better decision making.

July 30, 2013
Maximize Your LiDAR Investment with ERDAS IMAGINE
During this 30-minute webinar, Intergraph Government Solutions (IGS) will provide a high-level overview of point cloud applications such as change detection, understanding forest structure and flood mapping. We'll illustrate how simple it is to create point clouds from Stereo Imagery or use point clouds from terrestrial or airborne sensors in ERDAS IMAGINE® to perform analysis, generate derivative products, visualize, measure and edit in 2D, 3D and cross-section, and then seamlessly integrate with GIS workflows.

June 12, 2013
Modernize Your Spatial Models with ERDAS IMAGINE 2013
Are you a player in the geospatial field, and seeking to automate your image processing and analysis tasks? With the latest major geospatial software release, Intergraph introduced a radical update on ERDAS IMAGINE's popular spatial modeling functionality that will enable you to easily do both.

April 03, 2013
Rapid Flood Mapping with ERDAS Imagine: Taking the Complexity Out of Processing RADAR Imagery
Flooding often endangers human lives and can cause widespread damage to critical infrastructure and property, disrupt water purification and sewage disposal systems and dislodge dangerous chemicals and toxic materials. Effective monitoring and responding to these disasters can be significantly improved with the analysis of RADAR imagery.

March 15, 2013
Nuevas capacidades para Procesamiento Avanzado de Imágenes Satelitales con IMAGINE Professional 2013
Actualmente existe una gran diversidad de fuentes para recabar información de la superficie terrestre a través de plataformas satelitales. A través de las características particulares de cada sensor, podemos realizar análisis detallados y obtener resultados específicos destinados para aplicaciones particulares.

February 14, 2013
Geospatial Portal 2013 – Open Interoperable GIS/Imagery Services with ERDAS APOLLO 2013 and ERADAS IMAGINE® 2013
Learn how to find, view, query, analyze, and consume geospatial data, imagery, and web services to incorporate across third-party products! You'll hear from Intergraph Government Solution's David Beddoe, Partners/Channels Director and Greg Olson, Director of Federal Geospatial Sales.

February 05, 2013
Change Detection for Your Workflow
Change detection enables you to identify significant differences in imagery acquired at different times. It is often critical for imagery analysis. In addition, it plays a key role in enabling you to update your feature data based on new imagery.

January 22, 2013
Ready to Roll with Radar: Intergraph's Operational Radar Software
Interested in learning more about the power of radar? As a part of ERDAS IMAGINE 2013, the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite is a fully interactive workstation specifically tailored to the day-to-day operational requirements of radar facilities.

January 09, 2013
The Force that Drives Smarter Decisions: Intergraph Geospatial 2013
Introducing Intergraph Geospatial 2013 – a portfolio of united geospatial products for completing projects on time, on budget while maintaining the highest level of fidelity. This release provides a fresh approach, combining creative and intuitive interfaces, smarter workflows and automated technology. For the first time, all geospatial genres are truly connected.

April 25, 2012
ERDAS IMAGINE®: Your All-in-one Solution for Imagery Processing, Analysis, and Map Creation
ERDAS IMAGINE®, the world's leading geospatial data authoring system, is widely known for its powerful geospatial image processing and analysis capabilities. But, did you know that the same software you use for processing and analyzing raster imagery can also be used to easily create cartographic-quality map compositions?

February 23, 2012
The Power of GIS and Remote Sensing…Together in a Single Solution
Intergraph® has combined GeoMedia® and ERDAS IMAGINE® to provide a complete suite of GIS and image processing capabilities, delivering what geospatial professionals have wanted for a long time - seamless integration of vector and raster data. During this webinar, we'll illustrate the benefits of this powerful product pairing, focusing on workflows for processing large volumes of raster imagery, terrain data and vector-based geospatial information to update GIS and CAD resources.

June 15, 2011
Getting Started with ERDAS IMAGINE
ERDAS IMAGINE®, the world's leading geospatial data authoring system, incorporates geospatial image processing and analysis, remote sensing and GIS capabilities into a single powerful, convenient package.

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