GeoMedia WebMap

Easily Web-enable Data and Maps
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  • Real world experiences

    Introducing a 3D globe capable of rendering base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Dynamic Segmentation with GeoMedia WebMap

    Dynamically segment linear referenced data.
  • Easily configure your web application

    Create your web application with one simple admin tool.
  • View your data (and the world) in 3D

    Render base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Share Esri data across your geospatial enterprise

    Break down  walls and connect to Esri File Geodatabase (FGDB) geospatial data.

Desktop Functionality within a Web Application

Deploy interactive web sites with powerful capabilities usually only found in desktop programs.

Perform Complex Spatial Analysis on the Web

Build and modify powerful analytic workflows using advanced functions such as dynamic segmentation and linear referencing.

Enhances GeoMedia Smart Client and Your Dynamic GIS

Leverage WebMap services within GeoMedia Smart Client for access to extensive data types, web services, and on-the-fly coordinate transformation capabilities.

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