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Crowdsource to feed your GIS
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  • Quickly Report on Issues

    Easily select incident categories using a graphic wheel and intuitive icons.
  • Detail the Problem

    Watchful citizens can anonymously report incident info and upload photos.
  • Know Exactly Where the Issue Is

    Understand your location and pinpoint the incident on a Bing Hybrid map display.
  • Deliver Rich Information

    Subscribing organizations receive crowd-sourced incident information by email.
  • Aggregate Issue Information

    Web portal access let’s the organization review all incidents in a list or map display.

Enlist your citizenry

Let watchful citizens play an active role in their community.


Cost-effective means for collecting actionable data

Resource-thin local governments can affordably increase their reach and response.


Ready-to-run, cloud-based solution

No IT requirement, meaning your organization can concentrate on business, and not technology.

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