Mobile MapWorks

Efficient system for field data capture
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  • Clean Up Vector Layers

    Confirm the removal of any data before committing back to the database.
  • Now You See It…. Now You Don’t

    Edits, additions and deletions are applied immediately to the database and relayed to the user.
  • Vectors on the GO!

    View, edit or delete features on the go with your iPad or Android tablet.
  • Take Your GIS Data With You!

    Mobile Map Works allows organizations to work with their data out in the field with the most popular tablets on the market today.
  • Secure Individual Access

    Login access is easily configurable for groups or individuals.

Suitable for a Variety of Applications

Tablet-based data capture and update suitable for all types of field and site inspections workflows.


Open Architecture

Field updates become instantly available to any and all GIS platforms.


Configure for a wide variety of purposes

Define permissions and configure your workflows based on the task at hand.

              For iOS                                                              For Android

Download Mobile MapWorks for iOS                                   Download Mobile MapWorks for Android

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