Geospatial Portal

Flexible, Powerful Front End Web Client
  • Real world experiences

    Introducing a 3D globe capable of rendering base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Delivering rich business data

    Deliver ERDAS APOLLO business data right to your web application.
  • Easily configure your web application

    Create and configure a sophisticated web application with one, simple administration tool.
  • View your data (and the world) in 3D

    Render base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Customize your own solutions with an extensive SDK

    Create your own customized portal workflows and experiences.

Out-of-the-Box, Complete Web Application

A ready-to-run, multilingual web application that simplifies the process of sharing your enterprise geospatial data and web services.

Harmonized Front End for Hexagon Geospatial Server Products

Configured to and customizable as the front end for ERDAS APOLLO, GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial SDI or other providers.

Advanced Management and Delivery of Services

A robust toolset for solution management including configuration, map-definition, monitoring and the reporting of service performance.

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