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  • Real world experiences

    Introducing a 3D globe capable of rendering base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Delivering rich business data

    Deliver ERDAS APOLLO business data right to your web application.
  • Easily configure your web application

    Create and configure a sophisticated web application with one, simple administration tool.
  • View your data (and the world) in 3D

    Render base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Customize your own solutions with an extensive SDK

    Create your own customized portal workflows and experiences.

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Providing Government Collaboration and Public Distribution with Spatial Data Infrastructures

Governments at the local, regional, and national levels require current, accurate geographic information to make better decisions in multiple areas. Hexagon Geospatial provides geographic information systems and interoperability technologies to enable the deployment of spatial data infrastructures for collaboration and distribution of geospatial data. This framework of spatial data, metadata, and tools connects interactively and allows government agencies around the world to use and share spatial data in an efficient and flexible way. This white paper will highlight Hexagon Geospatial’s SDI philosophy and architecture, review the benefits of it for end-users, and provide examples of successfully applied SDI solutions.
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