Geospatial Portal

Flexible, Powerful Front End Web Client
  • Real world experiences

    Introducing a 3D globe capable of rendering base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Delivering rich business data

    Deliver ERDAS APOLLO business data right to your web application.
  • Easily configure your web application

    Create and configure a sophisticated web application with one, simple administration tool.
  • View your data (and the world) in 3D

    Render base map, terrain, and numerous other data sources in 3D.
  • Customize your own solutions with an extensive SDK

    Create your own customized portal workflows and experiences.


February 14, 2013
Geospatial Portal 2013 – Open Interoperable GIS/Imagery Services with ERDAS APOLLO 2013 and ERADAS IMAGINE® 2013
Learn how to find, view, query, analyze, and consume geospatial data, imagery, and web services to incorporate across third-party products! You'll hear from Intergraph Government Solution's David Beddoe, Partners/Channels Director and Greg Olson, Director of Federal Geospatial Sales.

January 09, 2013
The Force that Drives Smarter Decisions: Intergraph Geospatial 2013
Introducing Intergraph Geospatial 2013 – a portfolio of united geospatial products for completing projects on time, on budget while maintaining the highest level of fidelity. This release provides a fresh approach, combining creative and intuitive interfaces, smarter workflows and automated technology. For the first time, all geospatial genres are truly connected.

December 18, 2012
The World of Powerful Geoportals
Geospatial organizations need to publish different types of geoportals for different purposes. Geospatial portals that are designed for public access on the internet must be fast, easy to use, and support a large number of users. Alternatively, geoportals deployed for intranet use typically need to address the business workflows of a smaller group of users. To address this wide range of requirements, it is critical that organizations have a flexible tool for creating, configuring, and customizing their various portals.

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