IMAGINE Photogrammetry (formerly LPS)

Efficiently Transforming Raw Imagery into Accurate, Reliable, Geospatial Data
  • Get more points per inch

    SGM produces point spacing more dense than LIDAR.
  • Many viewing options in one viewer

    From point clouds to raster imagery, just drop them in and view
  • Organize your project with ease

    Viewing your imagery and finding the tools you need is just a click away
  • Pick your sensor for dense matching

    Use only the area of your models you need

Save Processing Time

Distribute processing over multiple cores or workstations, effectively maximizing available resources and production output.

Accurate Point Cloud Generation

Delineate boundaries with the utmost precision, resulting in even more dense and highly-accurate correlated point clouds.

Consolidated to streamline your workflow

Our integrated software platform means robust photogrammetry, GIS, image processing, AND point cloud tools are all made available in one powerful product.

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