LPS Automatic Terrain Extraction

Automatically Generate Terrain Data from Images 
LPS Automatic Terrain Extraction (ATE) is an LPS add-on module providing automatic extraction of Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) for project areas that may encompass hundreds of images.  With LPS ATE, you can create medium density surfaces very rapidly.  With the process-driven workflow, you can set up your DTM project quickly and run automated extraction routines, as well as advanced operations such as terrain filtering, subsetting, and more. Embedded quality control and accuracy reporting tools ensure that your output is accurate.

Automatic Collection of 3D Terrain Data
LPS Automatic Terrain Extraction streamlines productivity by automating the collection of 3D terrain data.  This significantly reduces production effort since only localized editing of the output is required rather than time-consuming full manual compilation.  Multiple quality checks and accuracy report tools ensure detailed monitoring and quality control of automatic extraction output.

Built-in Tools for Terrain Processing
With LPS Automatic Terrain Extraction, data may be automatically post-processed after terrain point correlation. Terrain model refinement options allow filtering out individual points, smoothing, or specifying specific algorithms for particular areas if needed.

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