LPS eATE is a new LPS module for generating high resolution terrain information from stereo imagery.  Featuring a completely new design and sophisticated algorithms for generating and classifying dense elevation surfaces, eATE provides an unparalleled environment for processing terrain data.  This highly flexible solution provides capabilities for data types ranging from satellite to airborne frame and digital pushbroom sensors and operates in a multi-processor/multi-machine environment.

High Density Terrain Like Never Before

With modern airborne and satellite sensors achieving increasingly higher resolution, LPS eATE utilizes this characteristic to generate high-density results.  Flexibility in terrain processing options provides full control for differing sensors, radiometry, terrain types, and ground cover.

Utilizing Modern Computing Environments
LPS eATE has the ability to take advantage of multi-core computer systems, and will also support parallel processing across a networked group of computers.  This provides a scalable solution ideal for small or large terrain generation jobs.

Flexibility Through Innovation
LPS eATE enables users to produce multiple output formats of varying density simultaneously, including LAS point clouds.  This allows increased flexibility, including the ability to visualize imagery in 3D by associating RGB values from imagery with terrain points in the LAS file.  Classification can be applied to eliminate or preserve objects of choice in the output.

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