IMAGINE Photogrammetry (formerly LPS)

Efficiently Transforming Raw Imagery into Accurate, Reliable, Geospatial Data
  • Get more points per inch

    SGM produces point spacing more dense than LIDAR.
  • Many viewing options in one viewer

    From point clouds to raster imagery, just drop them in and view
  • Organize your project with ease

    Viewing your imagery and finding the tools you need is just a click away
  • Pick your sensor for dense matching

    Use only the area of your models you need
News Releases
June 04, 2014
New Cloud-Based Site Provides Scalable Cost-Savings
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April 04, 2013
UNIGIS selected Intergraph®'s geospatial education offerings to provide leading GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry tools to its universities and enrolled students. UNIGIS, a network of universities cooperating in the design and delivery of distance learning in GIS, was founded in 1990 and currently includes sites in fourteen countries.
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January 29, 2013
Intergraph announces the release of LPS 2013 as part of Intergraph Geospatial Portfolio 2013. A powerful photogrammetry system available in a user-friendly environment that guarantees results even for photogrammetry novices, LPS 2013 provides enhanced tools for delivering full analytical triangulation, digital terrain model generation, orthophoto production, mosaicking, and 3D feature extraction.
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October 30, 2012
Intergraph® announces that ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 will include all of the LPS tools and features within the ERDAS IMAGINE ribbon. This release offers more simplified workflows for photogrammetry users who work with smaller quantities of raw data. The tighter integration between LPS and ERDAS IMAGINE will enhance overall change detection and image classification capabilities.
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July 25, 2012
Intergraph® announces that Geosystems Hellas S.A., its authorized geospatial distributor in Greece and Cyprus, has provided solutions to WWF Hellas to support relief efforts in the National Forest of Dadia. Last summer, devastating fires took place in the National Forest of Dadia, located in the Northeast region of Greece.
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Empire Challenge
For several weeks in July of 2007, a significant number of Australian, British and Canadian military personnel joined the U.S. military in calling the China Lake area their temporary home.

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From the Sensor to the Internet: Ordnance Survey Ireland's Complete Solution
Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) is the national mapping agency of the Republic of Ireland. The country’s entire infrastructure is based on the data OSi provides, including property registration and valuation. Technology has developed at a rapid pace, with advancements in photogrammetric and airborne solutions, and the introduction of GNSS, surveying and enterprise systems for managing and delivering massive amounts of data. Since this time, OSi has relied on Leica Geosystems and its sister company, Intergraph to complete its workflow from the sensor to the internet. OSi relies on Leica Geosystems & Intergraph hardware and software products to manage and deliver data to agencies across Ireland (and throughout the world).

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When planning urban and rural development, Magnasoft provides specific services to urban planning consultants in the areas of land use planning, transportation and wastewater recycling. To execute complex projects such as highway and flood mapping, LPS plays an important role in Magnasoft’s workflow along with PRO600.

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Photogrammetric Workflows: Present & Future
The photogrammetric workflow has been relatively static since the advent of digital photogrammetry.

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Providing Consistency and Efficiency for the NRCS
An agency of the United States Department of Agriculture,the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), has adopted and implemented a customized geospatial solution to handle large quantities of site-specific, one-of-a-kind aerial photography. This customized solution is called the NRCS Image Registration Wizard, a business user interface for the LPS.

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