Mobile MapWorks



​Mobile MapWorks unleashes field inspection and editing of enterprise GIS data, using remote access in a tablet-based app.

Mobile MapWorks is offered within the PLATFORM SUITE of the Power Portfolio. The Platform Suite enables you to create your own unique application on top of a solid foundation of powerful geospatial functionality. Supported by robust toolkits, detailed instructions, and interactive developer communities, you can build custom web, mobile, and other smart enterprise solutions.

Suitable for a Variety of Applications
Tablet-based data capture and update suitable for all types of field and site inspections workflows.

Open Architecture
Field updates become instantly available to any and all GIS platforms.

Configure for a wide variety of purposes
Define permissions and configure your workflows based on the task at hand.

              For iOS                                                              For Android

Download Mobile MapWorks for iOS                                   Download Mobile MapWorks for Android