ERDAS ImageEqualizer

Efficiently Correct and Prepare Imagery Input
An important software tool for professionals who work with scanned aerial photography or unbalanced satellite images, ERDAS ImageEqualizer is used to correct variations and flaws in imagery due to hot spots, vignetting, atmospheric effects and film processing. Particularly helpful in preparing frame imagery for mosaicking, ERDAS ImageEqualizer can quickly compensate for imagery defects by applying chosen brightness and contrast parameters for each color band to multiple images in the same project, or drive all images towards the parameters of a single image in the project. The customizable, instantaneous preview of the imagery, as well as familiar architecture and batch output functionality make ERDAS ImageEqualizer an easy-to-use, effective photogrammetry solution.

Create Balanced and Even Radiometrically-Corrected Images
ERDAS ImageEqualizer uses advanced algorithms for radiometric adjustment, providing tools for removing hotspots, vignetting, and producing a radiomatically-even result.

Dynamic Preview of Correction Results
ERDAS ImageEqualizer’s preview capabilities provides a means of seeing algorithm parameters applied immediately, without actually running the adjustment. This allows users to ensure quality results before processing the image data.

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