Specially Designed Products for the Professional
  • Edit terrain in stereo

    Use the stereo viewer to more accurately measure your terrain files.
  • Collect your features dynamically

    Use the cartography tools to collect your features in stereo

PRO600 CART - Speedier Vector Editing and Compilation

Product Integration

Display and link your data in both Intergraph and Bentley viewers.

Easy-to-Use Tool Set

Save time patterning, hatching, presenting and more.

Extensive Feature Coding

Select from a huge library of feature codes.

PRO600 DTM - Advanced DTM Capabilities

Data Merging

Place design file data into IMAGINE Photogrammetry terrain datasets.

Improve your Active Depth

Use an IMAGINE Photogrammetry terrain dataset to create an active depth in Bentley applications.

Easy Data Conversion

Convert from 2D to 3D by draping a design file over an Imagine Photogrammetry terrain dataset.