Exploit high-accuracy, information-rich elevation data
  • Powerline Corridor Management

    Automatically roam while performing remote inspection and measurement
  • Terrain Analysis in ERDAS IMAGINE

    Painted relief, bare earth and contour information derived from LiDAR
  • Planimetric, 3D and cross-section SGM point cloud views

    Measurement and analytic capabilities to better understand your data
  • Using LiDAR to improve feature extraction

    Classify, filter, rasterized buildings and then display using dynamic shading
  • Point cloud cross-section and 3D view

    Leica RCD30 oblique sensor and ImageStation SGM derived point cloud

Catalog LiDAR Data - Discover and Download in Web Client

Getting Data Under Control: Managing & Exploiting Your Imagery & Point Clouds

Do you need to manage LIDAR and raster data, but have concerns about handling massive amounts of image files and LIDAR point cloud data? Solving the issue of scattered, underutilized and redundant data, ERDAS APOLLO enables you to efficiently centralize, manage and deliver volumes of geospatial data to a large audience. You can create value-added data products over the web, including cartographic maps, forest classifications, coastal erosion monitoring, watershed delineation and 3D elevation models.

Point Clouds from Imagery: Model Your World Like Never Before!

Dr. Tom Lobonc, Product Line Director for Photogrammetry and Defense Solutions discusses LPS eATE, a new product for automatic terrain extraction.

Lidar: Light Detection and Ranging

A Whole New Way of Mapping

GeoMedia Grid Workbench Demo

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