#MakeMyMApp – Chemical Plant Incidents in Chambers and Harris Counties, TX, USA



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About the Incident Analyzer View

A chemical plant is an industrial facility that manufactures or processes chemicals. Safety is a major concern at chemical plants, as chemical plants are vulnerable to accidents, sabotage and acts of terrorism. e-Merge Systems provides incident management services for chemical plants in Chambers and Harris counties in Texas, USA.

View incidents on the map by selecting Incident Level 1, 2 or 3, or by FIPS code (county). FIPS 48071 represents Chambers county, and 48201 represents Harris county.

Look at the incidents and the hotspot layers on the map. To see the details on the incidents, open the Sidebar Panel by clicking the icon under the Help icon at the top-right corner of the view. Under Preferences, ensure that Tooltips are turned on. Click on any of the cluster markers to see a list of the incidents for that cluster.

To zoom in further, turn off the Tooltips option, and click on any of the cluster markers to zoom in. When you can zoom in no further, you can see the repeat incidents for a particular location. For example, you might see several blue pin symbols (indicating that they are Level 1 incidents). When you turn Tooltips back on, you can click one of the individual pin symbols to see the tooltip for just that incident.

Zoom out of the view by closing the Sidebar panel and by clicking the “-“ icon at the lower-right corner of the view. Use the Date or Time of Day charts to see the incidents within a particular date range or time of day.

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