Incident Analyzer Wins Wichmann Innovation Award 2016

Hexagon Smart M.App Honored as Best Software

Incident Analyzer Wins Wichmann Innovation Award


The Incident Analyzer Smart M.App won the prestigious Wichmann Innovations Award 2016 for Best Software. Announced Thursday, 13 October at INTERGEO in Hamburg, Germany, this Smart M.App helps a variety of different industries visualize trends and identify correlations in their incident data.

Incident Analyzer Smart M.App

Incident Analyzer revolutionizes the way we think about incident mapping. This Smart M.App provides an intuitive, user friendly environment for consuming incident data in a dynamic information experience. With Incident Analyzer and a few mouse clicks, almost anyone can create, manage, disseminate, share, and host a wide array of dynamic intelligence reports that depict meaningful spatial patterns within incident data sets in an interactive fashion.

Incident Analyzer

Custom dynamic visualization of your incident data for a variety of different industries.

Interactive Analyzer Suite Demos

These interactive Analyzer suite demos allow you to try out the Smart M.App with data from a variety of industries and applications.