Agriculture Smart M.Apps

Advanced Crop Health Index

The Advanced Crop Health Index will self-adjust to any soil present in the area being analyzed to provide a more accurate result.


Organizes agricultural projects and provides information to agricultural professionals on stating goals, planning, incidentals, costs, incomes, and geospatial information.

Area Analyzer

Explore your data using a self-guided analytical process that is intuitive and expansive.

Basic Change Detection

Facilitates finding changes between two images.

Chlorophyll Index

Can serve as an early warning for otherwise healthy appearing vegetation that does not have a high enough level of chlorophyll activity to support sustained health.

Climate - Smart Crop

Delivers weather insights at the farm-field level. Compare seasonal forecasts, historical observations, and climatologies to help plan crop protection and management.


Cloud-based processing workflow enables robust photogrammetric processing for UAS data providers.


Analyzes growth stages of agriculture in near real-time. This app uses climatic data and satellite imagery to determine field-specific crop status.

Greenness Index

The Greenness Index spans a larger range than the Vegetation Health Index, thereby providing the user with a more graduated scale for measurement.

Pixel Farm™ CA

Monitor crop performance quickly and accurately from a user-friendly dashboard with data from remote-sensing platforms (satellite, aerial, or UAV).


Diagnoses the state of a crop by collecting data using satellite images, sensor data, or other sources and generates reports that make recommendations.

Slope Calculator

Calculate Slope and Aspect.

Smart Agriland

User-friendly environment for monitoring your own crops over time. Manage your farm more precisely with earth observation images, saving money, time, and the environment.

Snow Cover Index

Compare snow coverage over time and assess the freshwater volume after snow melt.

Standard Crop Health Index

The Standard Crop Health Index has a built in adjustment to compensate for soil presence in the area being analyzed to provide a more accurate result.

Tall Crop Health Index

The Tall Crop Health Index provides a more accurate result when soil is present and plants have a tall, slender profile.

Vegetation Health Index

Analyzes multispectral imagery and provides a result that can be used to determine vegetation health.