Finance Smart M.Apps

Area Analyzer

Explore your data using a self-guided analytical process that is intuitive and expansive.

Field Research Planner

Efficiently create a marketing field research plan. Use the census data, select the survey area and relevant statistical indicators to calculate representative sample size.


Analyzes growth stages of agriculture in near real-time. This app uses climatic data and satellite imagery to determine field-specific crop status.

Geospatial Intelligence Subscription

Delivers rapid near-real-time commercial and defense intelligence and multiple phases of reports, presented in maps to find and filter areas of interest.

Mind M.App

The first application combining a graph data model with the professional geospatial platform. Mind M.App allows creating maps of associations between entities.

Smart City Road Knowledge

Comprehensive road network analysis for Smart City planning.


Shows worldwide statistics of vessels around ports and informs us about the economic scales associated with them.