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Floating vs. Node-Locked Licenses

(12/20/2010) Effective with the release of ERDAS 2011 software, all ERDAS software licenses are floating. Node-locked licenses are no longer available, and cannot be issued. ERDAS IMAGINE 2011 and LPS 2011 software incorporate new distributed processing capabilities, which require floating licenses in order to distribute processes to multiple cores or nodes. ERDAS APOLLO software has long been floating-license-only.

A user accustomed to a node-locked license file (one license on one specific workstation) may use a single floating in exactly the same way. Here is how:

  • Install ERDAS Foundation 2011 first, then install ERDAS IMAGINE 2011 or LPS 2011 on your workstation. The ERDAS-Net license manager automatically installs with ERDAS Foundation.
  • Get your ERDAS license manager’s system ID at Start > All Programs > ERDAS 2011 > ERDAS-Net Licensing 2011 > Show System ID.
  • Choose any available system displayed under the “Standard IDs” section. Typically the “Local Area Connection” ID is the best choice. If you are using an ERDAS SafeNet dongle the correct system ID is found under the section “SafeNet Dongle (Sentinel Pro)”. If you see “Not Installed” in either the SafeNet or FLEXnet ID boxes then driver for the ERDAS SafeNet dongle is not installed. Select the Install Driver button to install the ERDAS SafeNet dongle driver. Once the driver installs, close and re-open the Show System ID utility to get your system ID. Copy the displayed system ID.
  • Use the copied system ID for online self-licensing or to request your license file.
  • Once the license file arrives by email, please do this:
    • Save the license file anywhere on the ERDAS workstation. Do not rename the file.
    • Double-click the license file. It will self-install. The ERDAS License Admin Tool opens, and the new license file is visible under the License Sources tree. Expand the tree to see licensed modules, or you may close this dialog.
      • Alternate: Use File > Load License File in the ERDAS License Admin Tool at Start > All Programs > ERDAS 2011 > ERDAS-Net Licensing 2010 > License Administration.
  • Start your ERDAS software. Your local system was specified as its own license server when you double-clicked on the license file, and your software will start
    • If your ERDAS software does not start and you instead get a dialog box that reads “Welcome to <Product Name>”, check the “Specify License Server (Floating License)” button. In the white text box adjacent to that that line, enter LOCALHOST (all one word, not case-sensitive). Select Continue and the software will start.

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