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Geospatial ERDAS Desktop version 2011
Software Installation Guide

Installing ERDAS 2011 and the ERDAS-Net License Manager Software (Updated 20 Dec 2010)

1. Install the software on your ERDAS workstations.

  • Download and install ERDAS Foundation once (exception: not needed when installing ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS), then download and install your ERDAS software from each product’s page at Home > Products. Alternately, you may insert the installation DVD. Select the product(s) and run the installation, accepting all defaults.

2. Install the ERDAS-Net license manager.

  • The license manager installs with every installation of ERDAS Foundation, but you may install the stand-alone license manager on a license server. To do this, download and install the ERDAS-Net license manager. Alternately, insert the installation DVD. Select and install the stand-alone license manager.

3. Determine your ERDAS system ID.

  • On the license server, go to Start > All Programs > ERDAS 2011 > ERDAS-Net Licensing 2011 > Show Sysid.
  • Copy the system ID reported. Generally, the preferred source is the Local Area Connection, unless you are using a hardware key.

4. Self-generate or request your license file.

  • Option 1: Self-generate online (Requires current software maintenance [SWM] and licensing administrator privileges. Customers of ERDAS distributors must request the license file from the distributor.):
    • Go to Licensing. Log in with your ERDAS SWM login, if not logged in.
    • Select the Product Licensing link in the right sidebar.
    • Enter the system ID, and keep Floating as the Type. All ERDAS 2011 licenses are floating.
    • For floating licenses, enter the numeral adjacent to each product’s line to indicate the number that you with to license. If setting up a central license server for all licenses, enter the maximum number for each product.
    • For node-locked licenses, check the box for each product line you wish to license.
    • Generate the license, enter the send-to email address and any CC email addresses, and send it to yourself.
  • Option 2: Request a license manually (required for customers without software maintenance):
    • Go to the License Request Form.
    • Complete the form. Your license files will be created and returned to you shortly via email.

5. Load the license file.

  • The license file arrives via email with installation instructions. Follow the instructions for your license type, either floating or node-locked.
  • Loading process summary:
    • Save the attached license file anywhere on the license server computer. Do not rename the file.
    • Double-click the license file. It will self-install. The ERDAS License Admin Tool opens, and the new license file is visible under the License Sources tree. Expand the tree to see licensed modules, or you may close this dialog.
    • Alternate: Use File > Load License File in the ERDAS License Admin Tool. To open the tool:
      • Windows: Start > All Programs > ERDAS 2011 > ERDAS-Net Licensing 2011 > License Administration.
      • UNIX/Linux: In a terminal window, run .\LicAdmin
    • If you are using a floating license, go to your ERDAS software workstation(s) and start the ERDAS software.
      • In the “Welcome to [product name] ” dialog, check the “Specify License Server (Floating License)” button. In the white text box adjacent to that that line, enter the network name or the numeric IP address of the license server. Select Continue and the software will start.
      • Alternate: Go to Server > Add Remote server in the ERDAS-Net License Admin Tool at Start > All Programs > ERDAS > ERDAS-Net Licensing > License Administration.
    • If you are using a node-locked license, start the software and it will run.

If you have troubles, please review the web site’s Licensing and Support sections. Verify that you have faithfully followed these instructions. If you can’t get it working, please submit a support request.

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