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Rehost Requests for ERDAS 2011 and earlier versions

Rehosting is the return of an existing license file for a replacement license file for a new machine. All fields are required and must be completed for your request to be processed. If you need assistance in determining the Host ID (System ID) of the license file you are returning, please email and provide your Company ID, product and product version.

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How to determine System ID

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Certification: In accordance with the termination provisions of the Agreement, Licensee certifies that, upon installation of the Software on the new CPU/Server, all use of the Software on the original CPU/Server will be discontinued.

Change of Host ID Fee:
Licensee understands that, in accordance with: (a) the terms of the Agreement, and/or (b) SG&I’s customer support policy, an administration and processing fee may be applied to this Change of Host ID request. If such a processing fee applies to this request, Licensee agrees to pay such fee in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. Intergraph allows for two rehostings per license per twelve month period for maintenance customers. Additional rehostings may be purchased for $500.

Customers requesting System ID changes for software versions earlier than the current version and the immediate previous version must have current software maintenance. If software maintenance is not current, you must renew software maintenance.

The new license file(s) will be emailed as quickly as possible following receipt of the completed Rehost Request Form.

Except as modified above or as otherwise modified pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, the terms and conditions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

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