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Fixes & Enhancements and the Fix Roadmap

To access software fixes and enhancements, please visit our new Product Download Portal at

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Fixes and new functionality enhancements are available to Intergraph Software Maintenance customers only. The links to fixes and enhancements are not active for non-maintenance customers. Customers that purchase software maintenance from a channel partner must request fixes and enhancements from the channel partner.

Customers with software maintenance: When downloading fixes and enhancements, please provide your eService username and password when prompted to begin your download. If you do not have your eService login, please send us a request to resend or correct it.

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Fix Roadmap for ERDAS 2011 Software 

ERDAS 2011 fixes and enhancements are rolled out as needed, rather than in large, cumulative service packs. Install each one as needed, based on its description.

Fix Roadmap for ERDAS 2010 Software 

Fixes and enhancements for ERDAS 2010 are issued as large, cumulative service packs. Most require current SWM to download. In most cases, you need only install the latest one. 

Fix Roadmap for ERDAS Software 2009

Some fixes and enhancements for ERDAS Software 2009 are not cumulative. Install each one as needed, based on its description.

For ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS and ERDAS ER Mapper, the 9.3.2 and 7.2.2 enhancements are cumulative and include all the 9.3.1 and 7.2.1 updates. Any fixes and enhancements released after the release date of the 9.3.2 and 7.2.2 enhancements are not cumulative and should be installed on 9.3.2 and 7.2.2.

Fix Roadmap for ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS 9.2

Fixes and enhancements for version 9.2 are not cumulative. Install each one as needed, based on its description.

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When uninstalling ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS either before or after upgrading to the next version, fixes must be uninstalled first. Fixes must be uninstalled in the reverse order of installation (last in, first out). The best way to uninstall fixes is to use the Install Manager at Start > All Programs > ERDAS 2011 > Install Manager, since it allows you to review what has been installed, and uninstalls in the correct order. While it is also possible to uninstall fixes using Windows' Add or Remove Programs, it is not as convenient, since the fix uninstallers will still require you to follow the last-in, first-out order, and the Windows utility does not keep track of that.

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