While their missions are diverse, many utility industries have common key requirements. When it comes to ensuring effective planning, management, and operations of vast and sprawling assets, they require a comprehensive software platform capable of delivering real business intelligence.

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  • Streamline planning and track projects through integrated data management, network mapping, and rich reporting.
  • Get the full picture of your broad network through meaningful, detailed visualizations of the field.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by growing your coverage in the right areas.

Detect Issues From Afar

See your network with a bird’s eye view. By analyzing and visualizing powerful data sources like high resolution imagery and LiDAR, you can spot issues like encroachments and breaks, and send field crews only where they are needed.

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Keep Stakeholders Connected

Deliver rich data sources and interactive maps to stakeholders who need detailed information for collaboration and critical decision making. Connect field crews with each other and back to the office for real time data updates and timely reporting.

Stay on Top of Your Network

Give everyone in your organization the power to search and analyze your rich information storehouse from any application. Your network may span miles, but you can stay connected to all of it, all of the time.

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Simplifying Workflows and Streamlining Communication

Aurora Energy establishes an effective and coordinated process of work using GeoMedia Smart Client.

Mobile Field Workflows

Henry County Water Authority uses Mobile MapWorks to automate field-based workflows on mobile devices.

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Solutions for energy, utilities, and communications companies.

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