Hexagon Geospatial solutions analyze remotely sensed data to ensure proper assessment and management of food and timber production areas. These analyses include health and stress detection, change detection for land use dynamics, monitoring of logging and pest activities, and fire danger zone mapping.

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  • Improve quality and ensure maximum efficiency and profitability of farm operations.
  • Use high resolution imagery to gain insights into the health of your lands and crops.
  • Adapt your farming plan to gain the biggest yields at harvest time.

Get the Biggest Yield

Grow with confidence. Unearth the most specific information about crop height, density, and condition. Analyze factors such as moisture, soil type, slope and sun position to inform planting, maintenance, and harvest. Accurately identify the potential impacts of drought, pestilence, and other threats.

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Connect Farmers in Interactive Ways

Give farmers access to cloud-based high resolution imagery, tools and maps to stay on top of their fields and operations. Support sustainable practices in the farming community by enabling two-way, cloud-based sharing of critical farm data.

Stay on Top of Your Harvest

Perform field and crop inspection through powerful, connected mobile products. High end digitizing tools let the farmer capture parcel extents, crop type and conditions, and even print high quality maps.

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Serving Imagery to 70,000 Farmers in Seconds

Learn how the Dutch are improving land parcel identification, one image at a time.

Smart Agriculture Portal

From planning to planting, fertilization, spraying, and harvesting.

Promoting Healthy Agricultural Practices in Africa

Our partner Sterling Geo is helping to bring healthy agriculture strategies to life.

Precision Land Calculations

How Northern Ireland help farmers calculate arable land by automatically detecting rock features on farmlands.

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