Defense and intelligence operations collect and analyze large volumes of data to establish the current situation and communicate it effectively to all constituents. After that, it’s the little things that matter.

Defense Benefits
  • Dynamically combine large amounts of data in a responsive, easy-to-use environment, for swift, informed decision-making.
  • Make critical decisions with high confidence through a complete understanding of the situation on the ground.
  • Deliver dynamic analysis and mapping products to a variety of platforms including web services and mobile devices.

Situational Awareness

Changing conditions on the ground require up-to-the-minute situational awareness and adjustment. The incorporation of motion video into the geospatial context is critical to having the latest information to make informed, confident decisions. Stay on top of changing conditions on the ground through a full 360 degree view of the area of interest, in 2D and 3D.

Defense Producer Suite

Defense Provider Suite
Transform Data into Actionable Intelligence

Deciding on the proper response requires as much information as possible. Search for and deliver the critical supporting data from varied and complex sources – including late-breaking video – to help make confident, informed decisions.

From Maps to Apps

High volume map production is a complex process. Critical challenges are reducing the number of manual steps, lowering overall error risk, and ensuring accuracy and compliance while creating clear, concise, and easily understood maps. Deliver the finished product directly or enable users to flexibly construct their own.

Defense Platform Suite

M.App X: Cloud-Based GEOINT Solutions

M.App X provides imagery and geospatial analyst workflows on the cloud. Easily configure powerful tradecraft and analytics. Runs on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile...

Emerging Technologies to Counter the Changing Threat

Former Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency David Shedd discusses crucial emerging technologies and ways to modernize how your organization analyzes intelligence.

Cloud-Based Exploitation for Defense and Intelligence

Hear about key global geospatial intelligence trends and how defense and intelligence organizations are successfully migrating from a desktop-centric to a cloud-based model.

Selex ES: Shaping Change with UAS

Using Motion Video Exploitation and GIS to analyze and process data in real time for environmental, security, and humanitarian relief efforts.

Royal Saudi Air Force

The Royal Saudi Air Force transforms vast amounts of complex data into actionable intelligence with Hexagon Geospatial technology.

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