Smart Cities

Building Smart Cities Using Geospatial Intelligence

smart city
  • Create a common operation picture for both spatial and non-spatial data.
  • Enhance livability, workability and sustainability by sharing data.
  • Disseminate real-time data to desktop, web and mobile devices.

Make Sense of Your Raw Data for City Planning and Design

Process satellite, aerial and UAV stereo images to create 3D information such as buildings, roads, trees, poles and contours to understand the city infrastructure more effectively. 

Mining Producer Suite

Solutions Provider Suite
Transform Location Information into Actionable Intelligence

Design and manage city networks including utilities, sanitation and transportation by integrating real-time information from multiple disparate sources and providing actionable intelligence on a common operational platform. 

Build Meaningful Solutions and Streamline Decision Making for Collaboration

Leveraging business intelligence using maps based on intuitive and informative dashboards that help city administrations gain a crisp understanding of the situation.

Mining Platform Suite

Improving City Property Management

The City of Virginia Beach has a clearer understanding of every parcel which enhances planning efforts and drives maintenance efficiency.

Smart City Asset Management

Mornington Peninsula Shire's asset management system can be made available both within and outside of the Shire offices on a real-time basis.

Smart M.Apps for Smart Cities

How the Netherlands use Smart M.Apps to communicate and plan in Mladen's keynote from HxGN LIVE 2016.

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