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Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINEĀ® II

This course builds upon the knowledge gained in the Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE I course to provide a more extensive foundation in image processing, GIS and the functionality of IMAGINE Professional. Additional concepts of spatial modeling, image classification, radar image processing, topographic analysis, and using the some of the functionality of the GLT are presented.
(2 day class)

Learn To:

  • Navigate around the IMAGINE Professional interface
  • Create training signatures for a supervised classification
  • Evaluate the training signatures prior to classification
  • Apply a classification decision rule to the training data
  • Create basic Spatial Models to manipulate vector and raster datasets
  • Perform GIS analysis with the Spatial Modeler
  • Generate Contour, Slope, and Aspect files from DEM's
  • Produce a Shaded Relief and Painted Relief image from elevation data
  • Create and use a 'Snail Trail' in analysis
  • Count objects and save information using the Feature Counter Tool
  • Convert X,Y ASCII files to ArcINFO Point Vector Layers
  • Improve decision making by using the ERDAS IMAGINE Knowledge Classifier
  • Use and integrate radar data into a project

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