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HSI Exploitation and Analysis

HSI Exploitation and AnalysisThis one-day course introduces the analysts and scientists to the Spectral Workstation and various tools within ERDAS IMAGINE® that are utilized for hyperspectral imagery (HSI) exploitation and analysis. The course will include briefings on hyperspectral remote sensing theory, applications of hyperspectral data, and hands-on training using the Spectral Workstation. Demonstrations and lab work will utilize HSI data from both airborne and satellite platforms. This course will be introductory in design, though the topic of hyperspectral remote sensing is considered advanced in practice. (1 day class)


Learn To:

  • Bring imagery into the Spectral Workstation and work with the different analysis and measurement tools
  • Learn how to set up a project (i.e. workflow) within the Spectral Workstation
  • Associate sensor characteristics to HSI exploitation
  • Load, archive, and learn to utilize spectral libraries within the workflow
  • Analyze and understand spectral plots and histograms
  • Perform bad band identification
  • Create spectral subsets by removing bad bands from workflow
  • Perform atmospheric adjustments using flat field and empirical line methodologies
  • Identify pixels that are uniquely different from the predominating spectra (Anomaly Detection)
  • Find within the imagery, materials that are present in low quantities and match them to existing spectral libraries (Target Detection)
  • Conduct a supervised classification against the spectra of a specific material of interest (Material Mapping)
  • Determine sub-pixel concentrations of materials by comparing unknown spectra against spectral libraries (Material Identification)
  • Compare HSI products to PAN/MSI/RADAR products of the same geographic area

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