Improve Radar and Sonar Systems User Experience

Learn how you can go beyond conventional GIS to deliver powerful analytics and visualization in your radar and sonar systems

No Plan Survives the Battlefield

Historical data and simulations have a limited ability to help you adapt and react to battlefield realities. Why not bring real-time data into the picture?

Navigating to Business Success

Learn how you can leverage the strengths of Maps, Routes, and Places in Google Maps Platform to benefit your customers and operations.

Experience Dynamics with Panoramics

Witness the full 3D immersive experience with 360° panoramic images while navigating around in an area with multiple 360° captures.

Leuven, the “European Capital of Innovation”

The city of Leuven in Belgium received the title of European Capital of Innovation 2020! Read about the city's innovation ecosystem and Luciad Portfolio's part in it.

Ensuring Everybody Counts with a Smarter Census

In this podcast, we discuss effective strategies and location intelligence solutions that can help national statistical offices overcome a myriad of census challenges.

CARFAX Uses Google Maps to Enhance Business Strategies

Discover how CARFAX leverages Hexagon’s Google Maps Platform expertise to optimize APIs, improve the user experience, boost revenue, and keep costs under control.

Managing River Flood Risks in Romania and Bulgaria

Learn how close to 150,000 people have benefitted from reduced reaction time in flood emergency situations because authorities are able to leverage harmonized, integrated tools.

Supporting a Trip Through the Alps with Smart Monitoring

Read about how Solution Engineer Matthias Baur crossed the Alps from north to south by bicycle with the help of Hexagon technology.


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