BIM World 2022

Paris Expo, Paris
05 April - 06 April

Paris skyline at night

Since 2015, BIM World has been the unmissable event for professionals and communities for the uses of BIM and digital technology, at the service of trades and structures.

Aimed at very small businesses as well as large companies, public and private contractors, the BIM World exhibition and conferences offer a showcase of the best solutions and best practices to meet these challenges.

The BIM World conferences have brought together all professionals around the latest innovations and the best uses of digital technology for all professions:

  • Design & construction: build better and increase productivity thanks to digital technology and industrialization
  • Operation & maintenance: optimize operating performance and maintain the quality of structures
  • Uses & services: Optimizing the uses of works and urban infrastructure
  • Organization & process: accelerate and secure the deployment of digital technology in companies and projects

From beginners to experts, the conferences provide operational answers to integrate digital technology into all professions.