Hexagon Geosystems, Hexagon Geospatial to host inaugural National Mapping & Cadastre Authorities Summit

Summit addresses new challenges faced by National Mapping Agencies and Cadas-tre Authorities and offers solutions to overcome the issues

15 September 2015

Hexagon Geosystems and Hexagon Geospatial will host a summit dedicated to national mapping agencies and cadastre authorities Sept. 15 at INTERGEO 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The summit, entitled Shaping the Geospatial Process within Cadastre and National Mapping Authorities, will feature keynote speaker Ingrid Vanden Berghe, president of EUROGEOGRAPHICS, who will provide her views on the future of national mapping. Other presentations include insights from the Ordnance Survey of Ireland (OSI), Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC), Danish Geoda-ta Agency and IBM Denmark.

Partnering for the right answer

With the ongoing developments in mobile and online services, as well as the increasing need for au-tomation, these government organisations are facing new demands by their constituents. Every day, they are asked by entire nations how they can remain relevant and better meet the needs of their stakeholders.

In an effort to answer these evolving questions, Hexagon Geosystems and Hexagon Geospatial have created this platform to open a dialogue and share new systems and solutions that will allow these organisations to explore, create and provide more value to their users.

“Mapping and cadastre authorities who provide and use geospatial base information are facing new challenges in a fast changing world,” said Claudio Mingrino, EMEA executive director for Hexagon Geospatial. “Therefore answers to new demanding questions have to be found. These include the growing demand for automation, mobility and cloud access as well as new ways to analyse and im-prove services to their end users.”

During the summit, case studies will be presented of how Hexagon solutions were used by other gov-ernment agencies in different regions like Western Europe and North Africa. An open forum will then be held for questions and answers and to receive feedback on how Hexagon can best support these entities.

“We will be sharing concepts and tools that will help mapping and cadastre authorities make sense of changing processes, enhance their decision making and ultimately empower their end-users”, said Mark Concannon, EMEA president for Hexagon Geosystems.”We want to hear first-hand from them what they expect in an industry partner.”

To learn more or register for the summit, please visit www.hexagongeospatial.com/nma.

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