Hexagon Geospatial Signs Partnership Agreement with USGIF

Will Provide Accredited Universities with Licenses to Geospatial Desktop and Smart M.App Products

16 January 2018

Norcross, GA – Hexagon Geospatial is proud to announce that they are an official partner with USGIF, the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.  The USGIF is the only organization dedicated to promoting geospatial intelligence tradecraft by building a stronger community for addressing national security objectives across industry, academia, and government. This partnership will provide USGIF’s accredited universities with free licenses of specific Hexagon Geospatial desktop and cloud-based Hexagon Smart M.App software products. 

“We are excited about this partnership with Hexagon Geospatial to collaboratively issue license grants to the faculty and students of USGIF Accredited Institutions,” said Dr. Camelia Kantor, Director of Academic Programs at USGIF. “This partnership enables faculty and students to conduct research using industry-leading software, encouraging innovation while preserving industry standards.” 

“As a company with roots in universities across the world, Hexagon Geospatial has always valued students and academia as an investment in the future,” said Jason Sims, Chief Channel & Marketing Officer for Hexagon Geospatial. “This is why we are so happy to announce our partnership with USGIF, providing access to our industry-leading software and platforms. We look forward to seeing the way instructors, researchers, and students influence how location information will be used to innovate and shape smart change.” 

This partnership has also initiated some welcome additions to the company’s Hexagon Geospatial U program.  Beginning this year, the Desktop Educational program now includes GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional, which lets you effectively use video as a source of intelligence by fusing it with geospatial data such as map features, imagery, and annotations to provide context and greater insights into the intelligence analysis workflow. 

In addition, the Smart M.App for EDU program includes eight apps and starting in 2018 now includes the development toolkits (SDKs/APIs) as well as access to parts of the Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network Community. Having access to the development toolkits will enable users to more easily customize and extend the commercial software. 

If you would like more information about this partnership, contact Mike Lane, Global Education Manager, at Mike.lane@hexagongeospatial.com.