Shaping Smart Change

We believe in shaping smart change with solutions that empower meaningful data and ideas to do their greatest good.


The Shape of Potential

We are in the potential business. That is the lens through which we see the world. We’re inspired not by where industries are today but by where they should be.

Hexagon is leading a transformation that is redefining the potential for growth, productivity, quality, safety and profitability. 

This is the shape of potential. This is Shaping Smart Change.


The Potential of Smart Cities

Never Lose Sight

The Potential of Smart Defense

Coming to You Live

The Potential of Dynamic Information

A Smart City is a Connected City

How can Smart Cities foster trust between governments, citizens and businesses?

Geospatial Situational Awareness

Luciad allows defence organizations to visualize real-time locations for all assets in 3D.

A Simple Answer to Complex Problems

See how Planetek uses data from space to deliver answers about underground water infrastructure problems.

Our Change Makers

See how Hexagon employees and customers exemplify shaping smart change through innovation, global leadership and visionary practices.

Canadian MCE

The Mapping and Charting Establishment provides geospatial information and geomatics support to the Canadian Armed Forces.

#ShapingSmartChange with David Holmes

David grew up loving maps. Hear how his position at Hexagon keeps the excitement alive.

Customer Recognition

Hexagon's Shaping Smart Change Recognition Programme honors customers for their vision in the use of Hexagon technology.

Why Shape Matters

In this blog post, Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén discusses the importance of shape when looking at our world.

Shaping Smart Change

We are shaping change across geospatial and industrial enterprises with innovative solutions that empower meaningful data and ideas to do their greatest good.