What We Do

Preventative Healthcare

Monitor the spread of illnesses, gain insight into possible susceptible areas, and determine a plan of action for containment.

Living Well

Provide communities with environmental monitoring to maintain the health and well-being of citizens.

Trends in Healthcare

Understand the connections between changing demographics and healthcare through location-based analysis.

Our Technology In Action

Combating West Nile Virus

Monterey County, California Health Department took pro-active steps to help address the threat of the West Nile virus in their community.

Monitoring Air and Noise Emissions

Nijmegen, Netherlands measures air and noise emissions empowering citizens and government with a real-time view into urban planning issues.

Improving City Sanitation Plans

Hexagon Geospatial technology is helping a city in India resolve its sanitation challenges and provide better services to less affluent communities.

Modeling Noise Pollution

Combine live GPS feeds and decibels of noise produced by moving trains to calculate the impact of noise pollution.

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