To efficiently deliver public services, government agencies can answer their specific location intelligence questions and engage citizens using solutions from Hexagon’s Geospatial division to enable smarter and informed decision making.

What We Do

Accurate, Real-Time Data

Provide up-to-date and error-free geospatial data in real time.

Integrate Smart Workflows

Utilize highly configurable workflows that leverage advanced geospatial functionality.

Effectively Manage Assets

Share geospatial big data across government organizations with a robust, centralized repository of data.

Our Technology In Action

Save Time and Money by Automating Data Processing

Visualize, analyze, and extract intelligence from satellite and airborne imagery and point cloud data for image processing, photogrammetry and LiDAR workflows.

Visualize Incidents in the Community

Visualize where and when incidents most often occur. Identify patterns to prioritize and position your resources.

Mapping Waterways in Florida

Florida Marine Tracks uses Hexagon Geospatial technology to provide the State of Florida with detailed nautical maps.

Create Self-Service Analytics

Find solutions for managing big data, improving interoperability, and reducing the number of independent data sources.

How Baton Rouge Became a Smart City

The city of Baton Rouge increased safety and government transparency thanks to M.App Enterprise.

Streamlined Asset Management in Carloforte

NeMeA Sistemi conducts seamless bathymetric surveys with M.App Chest and GeoMedia in Carloforte, Italy.

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