Property Appraisal

With the proven power of the world's leading geospatial imagery analysis software, our comprehensive solutions mean streamlined field visits, high-accuracy data collection, and enhanced property valuation.

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  • Target your attention on only those parcels which have real change.
  • Never miss an opportunity to improve your assessment data.
  • Examine high rise property valuation through 3D visualization.
  • Manage and distribute your geospatial imagery.

Streamline Property Change Detection

Save time and money by identifying likely changes before conducting field visits. This streamlined process allows you to focus on the parcels with the most change, and efficiently plan field visits to minimize time spent traveling between onsite locations.

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Quickly Access Imagery Anywhere

Eliminate the time wasted searching network file systems for imagery needed for appraisal workflows and appeals. With comprehensive data management and delivery, access current and relevant imagery data in support of appraisal workflows anytime, anywhere.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Improve Your Assessment Data

Use your cell phone to capture property reports while in the field. Review the reports back in the office to research property changes such as Use Code Change, For Rent, For Sales, Renovation, Cell Tower, Billboard, Damage, or Demolition. 

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Change Detection

Identify change on a land parcel scale in a straight-forward, user-friendly process.

High-Rise Property Valuation

How do you ensure that high-rise property values are set in a consistent and equitable manner.

Reporting Property Conditions with Mobile Alert

Never miss an opportunity to improve assessment data.

See. Snap. Send.

How Mobile Alert uses the cloud and crowdsourcing to revolutionize property appraisal workflows.

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